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Cobanermani456 and others enraged about YouTube’s Claiming System

Hello, ^MTH here to talk about the right and claiming system of YouTube/Google.
Ever since November – if not earlier – has Google made up a new system to prevent from copyright infringement, which isn’t that fluently as they say.

I was watching several video’s as I stumbled (not really, it was in my feed) on this video that I like for you to watch.

I, Mr. TopHat, agrees with Cobanermani and others about their rage about YouTube/Google.
If this continues, then BBTHQ Network, it’s members, affiliates and it’s partnered site (i.e. Tumblr) are forced to search for alternative video website.

Personally, I wanted to say this:

Hey Google,
Don’t you remember the origin of YouTube?
It was designed for fun.
You should know, because you “know” everything.
Don’t kill the fun.

Don’t remove the LP’s, the Spoofs, the Parodies.
Don’t erase the purity of YouTube.

It may sound tacky, but that’s what I want to say.

^MTH, out.


X/Y Quick Update and Other News

X and Y.

With the relase date waiting around the corner, is more information and pictures released.
Such as the evolutions of the Kalos Starters, the Gym Leaders of Kalos and many more.
In the meantime, The Pokémon Company has released a short trailer that is dedicated to the Original Games, Pokémon Red and Blue, that plays in the Kanto Region. The series will be 4 episodes long and is not confirmed if it will be viewed on their YouTube, their website or as regular series on the television.

In other news,

  • The direction of BBTHQ has launched the revamped “BBTHQ Awards 2013″.

I hear you thinking – “What happened to the Awards of 2 years ago?”

Well, here’s your answer: On the last day, being the nominations not taken seriously, I’ve decided to to cancel the Awards in wholesome.
This year is going to be different because I going to make a poll by category.
This category is the ‘Site Design’.

And these are the nominees.

Voting is possible till 23:59pm CET at October 18th.

  • BBTHQ Network is busy upgrading, and takes BBTHQ with it.

As you see, the featured image is made for the upcoming site ‘BBTHQ. Network’, an multi newssite about everything Nintendo, Sony, SEGA and other things. Right now is the site on hold, because nobody wants to write on the site. The color style, ‘Blue Intentions’, is going to be applied to this site excluding the Tumblog ‘Music by BBTHQ’. It already applied to the YouTube page.

Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon. Image courtesy of

Hiatus NLPZDude.

Please watch this.

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Mega Evolutions

Game Freak and The Pokémon Company has done it again! With only two months in sight, the dynamic duo has launched new footage of the upcoming games Pokémon X Version and Pokémon Y Version.

As you see, the Pokémon Blaziken, Mewtwo and Lucario have an extra evolution that is called ‘Mega Evolution’.
Next to those three, also Absol, Ampharos and Mawile get a Mega Evolution. Those Pokémon get to evolve during battle, but revert when the battle is finished.

In the clip, TPC tipped us that a Torchic with a Mega Stone will be distributed on the 12th of October.

Oh, and what is this?

What is this?
Korrina, Gym Leader of the Shalour City Gym.

This is Korrina, Gym leader of Shalour City Gym. Probably is that the city south-eastern of Lumiose City.
Further information is unknown of Korrina.

~Keep on training~

Former Nintendo President Passes Away Today

Originally posted on Gaming Grad:


Hiroshi Yamauchi is best known for his efforts as the President of Nintendo prior to the current Satoru Iwata. As a businessman, Yamauchi also owned the Seattle Mariners Major League Baseball Team and was once ranked among the top 500 richest people in the world (#13 in Japan). He has an estimated net worth of approximately $2.5 billion USD.

I am writing this post to pay my respects to the late Yamauchi, who had passed away earlier today. This individual is often said to be the driving force that has shaped Nintendo into what it is now. Here’s a brief history lesson of the legend and his incredible journey resulting in the transformation of Nintendo from a small playing card manufacturer into a common household name.

The Japanese powerhouse left his academic studies at Waseda University in 1949 at the request of his grandfather (the president of Nintendo at the…

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I’m Returning! – NintendoLperZDude

Hello Everybody,

I’m Z-Dude, and I’m also one of the Let’s Players here at BBTHQ. I have to apologize for my hiatus, and lack of posting, but school has been keeping me busy. I do plan to return to uploading/posting videos next week! You guys can look forward to the next episode of my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Let’s Play around this upcoming Monday. If you want you can always subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay one step ahead of the other readers here, but you can always just follow this blog to be alerted as to when a new video of mine goes up on this blog.

I know this type of post isn’t normal for this blog, but being as I’m a Let’s Player for this blog, I thought I should let you guys know when I plan on returning to adding videos to this blog.

Well, that does it for my update… I hope each of you watch the second episode of the afterstory of my Red Rescue Team Let’s Play.

Till then,


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